Name Picker allows randomly distribute prizes, select players or teams.
Every name has an equal chance of being picked each time!


Random Name Picker - Submit a list and draw a winner

We have spent 3 years collecting data from every country to generate this enormous database. These numbers speak for themselves:

  • 34 610 Male names
  • 43 115 Female names
  • 420 405 Phone numbers
  • 23 900 Companies
  • 82 different Countries
  • over a Billion random names and profiles!

It is a perfect tool for generating a fake address, random phone number, fake email, random username and password. We can even generate fake payment details for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and even IBAN.

Collin Miller Review

Collin Miller, age 32 says, “This tool is so good at faking data that no validator can tell it is fake!”

Fill in the names and draw a winner


You can draw a name from a list of names in the following steps:

  1. Enter a list of names or attach the list from your computer (.csv).
  2. Each name has to be written on a new line. You can use the "Split names" buttons for convenience.
  3. Filter Duplicate Names.
  4. Select the number of winners.
  5. Start the raffle and pick a random name with the 'Draw' button.


A random name picker is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common uses:

  • Prize drawings: If you’re running a contest or giveaway, a random name picker can help you choose the winners fairly and efficiently.
  • Classroom activities: Teachers can use a random name picker to select students for class participation, group assignments, or in-class games.
  • Team building exercises: If you’re organizing a team building event, a random name picker can help you assign teams and ensure that everyone has a fair chance of being paired with their coworkers.
  • Decision making: If you’re facing a tough decision and need to delegate tasks or responsibilities, a random name picker can help you choose who will take on each task.
  • Gaming: Random name pickers can be used in board games or video games to randomly select players, characters, or items.
  • Event planning: If you’re organizing a large event, a random name picker can help you distribute tasks or responsibilities among attendees.

Overall, a random name picker is a versatile tool that can be used in many different situations to make decisions in a fair and random way. Whether you’re a teacher, event planner, or just looking for a way to add some excitement to your day, a random name picker is a useful tool to have on hand.


This Raffle generator is FREE of charge. You can forget about all the hidden charges or monthly payments. Our biggest dream was to create the best random name picker for free, which could be used by people all over the world at any additional cost.

Random Name Picker instantly draws one or multiple random winners from your submitted list. It can be used for lotteries to pick a random winner, by teachers to select a random student in the classroom, or even at work to choose the person who is going to start the presentation. Moreover, Random Name Picker can be useful at your home when deciding who is going to cook the dinner, tidy the rooms or go to the supermarket has to be done.

You can use a raffle generator for any contest, giveaway, raffle, drawing, promotion, or competition. The most common idea is to help to find a winner of a contest, lottery, or promotion. Also, it can be used in a household and help to pick a random item from a list, a dish to cook for dinner from recipes. What is more, it can help to choose groups or teams in a game, find the best username, and choose emails or numbers. It has never been that easy, fun, and FOR FREE!


Yes, we can assure you that the raffle generator results are quite Random. We have used a specific programming style that gives our users the best experience and high-quality results. We guarantee that the results will be neutral, random, and without any conflicts!

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